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BMS Survey

Are you in Primary Care?

Help us to shape our CPD meetings on post-reproductive health.
Please complete our short questionnaire and help us bring you a focused and relevant education programme.

1. What proportion of your patient consultations relate to menopause and post-reproductive care?
Less than 1%
2 – 4%
More than 60%
2. Which of the following are you comfortable undertaking ?
Yes No
Menopause history and examination
Request for hormonal investigations
Interpretation of hormonal investigations
Request and interpretation of DEXAs
HRT consultation and prescribing
Hormonal implant insertion
Recommendation of non-hormonal therapies
HRT monitoring and adjustment
3. In the past three years have you seen any change in the needs of women around the menopause?
Yes No Don't Know
More requesting Menopause info
More wanting HRT advice
More wanting advice on HRT alternatives
More younger women are seeking advice
More women over 60 are seeking advice
I am seeing more complicated cases at Menopause
4. Have you undergone any formal education or training in menopause and post-reproductive care?
Yes No
If yes, please give details of qualification/education/training (max 250 characters)
5. Where do you look to find suitable courses/training/ meetings to earn your CPD points ?
  e.g RCOG website, Faculty website, other website, e-newsletters, magazine events listings
Please be specific (max 250 characters)
6. What are your key factors for deciding which training course(s) to attend?
Please rank in priority order with 1 being most important
Location / venue
Number of CPD points
Study leave / availability
Other (please specify - max 250 characters)
7. BMS holds an annual 2-day conference. How would you like to see this develop?
Yes No Don't Know
I would like a Conference annually
I would like a Conference every 2 years
Meetings should be one day duration
Meeting should be at weekends
Meetings should be held Monday to Friday
I prefer regional meetings
8. The best days of the week for a meeting are : (tick all that apply)
9. Any other comments /feedback regarding educational meetings: (max 250 characters)
10. Do you have a menopause / post-reproductive specialist in your practice?
Yes No
11. If yes, is that you?
Yes No
12. Are you a prescribing practitioner?
Yes No
If no, what is your principal  area of practice? (max 250 characters)
13 Are you a member of British Menopause Society?
Yes No
14. Are you aware of the many Society membership benefits?
Yes No Not Sure
Reduced BMS Conference rates
Journal; Menopause International
Access to web for conference presentations
Access to web forum for interactive discussion and questions
Consensus statements and fact sheets
Professional updates by email
15. About You
Your Name
Email Address
Email Address again

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